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Making tech accessible

We believe every business and individual should have easy access to the latest and greatest developments in research. We are a group of experts of artificial intelligence, image and video optimization, 3D computer graphics and augmented/ virtual/ mixed reality with exactly that mission.


We are powered by our patented and award winning technologies and top talent. We analyze research findings, implement high quality products based on the most promising latest developments, and deliver solutions and services for your visual assets. We work closely with, and are a spin-off from ETH Zürich, Switzerland. ETHSpinOff


We capture, share, and display the beauty of the world via images, video, and 3D models. Our team enjoys working on unique solutions for some of the hardest problems to acquire, optimize, display, transmit, establish origin and ownership of such digital visual assets. See our solutions for more details.


Downsampling Logo

Percim Downsampler

We routinely capture high resolution images/video with our cameras and cellphones. This quality is lost when images are rendered on displays such as notebook or cell phone screens, as they have much less pixels than captured images. That is why we created Percim Downsampler, our patented technology to preserve as much quality as possible when displaying images/video on any screen. 



Try out our perceptual downscaler and see your image in a wished reduced resolution!


Amina Fazlić

Our CEO and co-founder, Amina Fazlić, is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and ETH Zürich in Mathematics, with experience in finance, statistics, and artificial intelligence / machine learning.

Hasan Karahan

Our CTO and co-founder, Hasan Karahan, is a graduate from ETH Zürich with specialisations in Software Engineering and Machine Learning. He has worked for a number of Swiss companies and is an early adopter of Blockchain Technology with in-depth experience.

Prof. Markus Gross

Our scientific lead advisor and co-founder, Markus Gross, is a professor at ETH Zürich, a research and industry leader in visual computing and artificial intelligence, a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 start-ups founded, and a two times Tech-Oscar winner.

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